ALSTON-Science SMART Textbook 1-Primary Book


Science SMART Student Book 1

Science SMART series is developed to cover comprehensively the learning outcomes of the latest Cambridge Primary curriculum framework.

Adopting the Inquiry Approach, Science SMART uses engaging visuals and presentation formats with well-crafted activities to arouse pupils’ curiosity about the world around them. This motivates pupils to learn, enabling them to better grasp key scientific concepts. At the same time, emphasis is given on developing pupils’ inquiry and process skills, critical thinking, as well as 21st Century skills.

Science SMART Grade 1 comprises the following components:

  • Textbook Grade 1
  • Workbook Grade 1
  • Teacher’s Guide Grade 1 — Contains Scheme-of-Work, lesson plans, wraparound teacher’s notes for Textbook and Workbook, with additional information and tips on conducting and delivering effective Science lessons.
  • Additional worksheets for consolidation, fun & games, and exam practice are available online for teachers.

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Science SMART Student Book 1


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